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Hands-on Learning! - Practical Preparation for an intercultural workplace

The “Hands-on Learning!” – Course deals with topics and situations, which have a great practical relevance during an internship in a foreign country, for example “Dealing with difficulties at the workplace”.
The course consists of an Info section, Welcome section, eleven course modules and a Feedback section. The modules of the course are offered periodically. When all modules have once taken place they will start over again. This gives participants the possibility to start the course at any time and to flexibly determine their personal course schedule. Learners have the opportunity to choose out of 11 modules according to their interests and time constraints.

Testimonial of Course participant:

I liked the Online-Training as a whole. It was well organised and moderated in a friendly manner. The time to work on the tasks was flexible and the tasks were imaginative and asked for different “products” (essay, letter, question/answer). Thank you all!

Course details

  • Course type: On-line course with focus on interactivity and group work
  • Duration per module: 10 days
  • Tutoring: Each module is tutored by a trainer
  • Course language: English
  • Workload per module: Approx. 5 hours
  • Pre-conditions for participation: knowledge of English, basic computer/internet skills


  • In the run-up to the course the participants receive the access data to enter the on-line learning environment and an overview form (course plan) listing the offered modules. Using the form the participants register for their desired modules.
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  • With their access data the participants log in to the on-line learning environment and finish the Welcome section. They get to know the learning platform and perform a self-assessment of intercultural, business and civic key skills as part of the “competence passport”, an accompanying self-development component of the course.
  • Access to course modules is given at the starting time of each module.
  • Learners participate in the course modules following their personal course plan.
  • The On-line trainer decides at the end of each module, who has successfully completed it, based on submissions of learners; if a learner does not pass a module, he or she can select another module or repeat the module later
  • The participants get enrolled into the Feedback section together with their last course module.
  • If a participant successfully completes the given number of modules (plus Welcome and Feedback section), she/he will receive a certificate and badge at the end confirming learning outcomes

Module overview

Ready to go! (Welcome section) Decode conventions!
Rules and conventions at your host environment
Turn it around!
Dealing with under-challenge and overstress situations
Observe and understand!
Training nonverbal communication
I have an idea ...!
Cooperation opportunities between home and host environment
Enjoy success!
Follow-up on your internship abroad
Plan 2 Succeed!
Self-organisation and problem-solving abroad
Discover business ethics!
Social responsibility and social entrepreneurship
Feel the difference!
Dealing with culture shock and re-entry shock
Dare to change!
Cross your boundaries
Express yourself!
Convey your messages successfully

Get involved!
Explore your opportunities as an EU-citizen

Feedback Section  


Please contact Thomas Berger if you are interested in offering the course to your mobile students: