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The aim of the project is to promote active citizenship through digital and media competence in combination with intercultural awareness.
During the piloting of the training programme participants will be involved actively in building and maintaining (moderating) their own transnational communities in order to share knowledge and insights into political, social and cultural collective decision-making.
In order to train responsibility for these new media of exchange, participants will analyse existing virtual communities and the discursive behaviour observed in these fora. They will also reflect on their own behaviour as moderators, contributors or “lurkers” by documenting and questioning their own use of media and intercultural behaviour (e.g. dominance, power-distance in a digital environment, etc.). On a meta-level the participants keep their own log-book in the form of a “portfolio” where with the help of “can-do”-statements they follow their own learning path on the way to increased digital, media and intercultural competence. In order to facilitate and illustrate this learning process they form their own virtual community of meta-discussions but also face-to-face meetings where these experiences can be shared, demonstrated and evaluated. The international piloting will help produce a realistic and adaptable training course which clearly points out the concept of active project work for involved learning in these three areas.