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Participating Institution No. 4: Institut für interdisziplinäre Forschung inter.research e. V., Germany

The Institute of interdisciplinary Research inter.research e.V (registered association) is a non-profit association, which acts as a link between different academic disciplines and between academic and non-academic organisations.
It was founded in 1999 with support of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda and a regional Software Company.
Currently there are 15 persons employed by the Institute, which are approx. 6 full-time equivalents. There are no regular learners, learners at seminars and learner oriented projects vary from 5 to more than 100.

The institute has gained experiences in a number of interdisciplinary projects on regional, national and international level in the areas of Computer Mediated Education, Human Computer Interaction, electronic (project-) management and in the field of internationalisation of higher and continuing education.
Picture from Thomas Berger
Thomas Berger from the Institute inter.research e.V. in Germany